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Skin Analysisan in-depth analysis of your individual facial characteristics

At Bare Body Laser & Esthetics, we offer VISIA skin analysis as a complimentary addition to our gallery of treatments.

The VISIA will scan your skin, looking at its strengths and weaknesses.

VISIA scans measure your skin pigmentation, pore size, and porphyrins (evidence of bacteria lodged in pores).

It also scans UV spots, sun damage, texture, and wrinkles.

With this assessment of your skin, we can compare your skin condition within your peer group.

This helps us develop a more targeted treatment program for your specific needs, while also tracking your progress and treatment outcomes over time.

VISIA captures left, right, and frontal facial views, giving us a clear picture of your skin. In minutes, you will be able to view your scans on the computer screen.

Your first analysis will become the baseline for your treatment progress. You will be able to view your own before and after pictures and see for yourself how your skin treatment plan is helping you.

Skin Analysis How to prepare for an appointment

Skin analysis can also be intimidating, especially if you are not sure what to expect. First, make sure that you have clean skin. Remove all makeup and skin care products, and cleanse your face thoroughly. This will help the technician get a better look at your skin and identify any issues. Second, be prepared to answer questions about your skincare routine and overall health. The technician will likely ask about your diet, stress levels, and any medications you are taking. Be honest in your answers, as this will help them better understand your skin.

Skin Analysis What to expect on the day of appointment

When you arrive for your skin analysis appointment, you will be asked to remove any makeup or oils from your skin. The skin analysis will be conducted using VISIA, a high-tech skin analysis system. VISIA uses multiple cameras to take images of your skin, which will be used to assess your skin type, texture, and color. After the skin analysis is complete, you will be given a detailed report of the findings. The report will include information on your skin type, as well as recommendations for products and treatments that can improve your skin health.

Skin AnalysisAfter Care Tips

The VISIA system takes multiple shots of the face to evaluate skin conditions, including wrinkles, fine lines, pores, redness, pigmentation, and UV damage. After a skin analysis, it is important to follow after-care instructions provided by us to ensure optimal results. These instructions may vary depending on the type of skin analysis performed, but they typically involve using sunscreen, avoiding sun exposure, and using a mild cleanser. Following these tips can help to ensure that skin remains healthy and looks its best.

Skin AnalysisFAQs

Are eyes supposed to be open or closed during VISIA Skin Analysis?
The UV analysis will take a few minutes to complete. During this time, eyes should be closed so that lashes do not get caught by the device and damage them.”
What does VISIA Skin Analysis measure and how does it analyze skin conditions?
With the help of VISIA Skin Analysis, you can measure all characteristics that are associated with aging including wrinkles and spots.
What is the UV photography wavelength used during VISIA Skin Analysis?
The UV flashes use a peak wavelength of 365 nm.

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