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About Soprano XL

Is the Soprano XL hair removal treatment expensive?

No, laser hair removal is currently cheaper in price than it was 10 years ago. We believe that Soprano XL is the best quality and the best value for the money treatment available on the market. Soprano XL is usually no more expensive than older types of lasers or IPL methods and Soprano XL is currently used throughout the world and is proving to be the most popular and the most predictably effective hair removal treatment on the market for all skin types and its virtually PAIN FREE.

BBecause Soprano XL is gentler to skin and yet so so powerful and successful at treating unwanted hair, usually less treatments are required, which makes it cheaper for you.

Is Soprano XL suitable for very dark skin and black skin types?

Yes, Soprano XL is unique. The patented technology, coupled with the GOLD STANDARD 810 diode laser, makes it a first - the herald of A NEW ERA. In fact , it is the only laser currently, to be able to offer laser hair removal treatment to everyone and for every skin colour with a more predictable and successful result, along with more safety and more comfort and with less risk of side effects than has ever before been possible.

How many Soprano XL laser treatments do I need?

During your consultation your hair and skin will be assessed and you will be advised on an individually tailored programme.  On average 6 to 8 sessions are recommended for the body areas with occasional maintenance treatments possibly required. In terms of hair removal on the face, more treatments may also be required as individuals can vary.

About Treatment

How long will it take for the treated, unwanted hair to fall out after the treatment?

Usually 2 to 3 weeks. You may shave the area treated until the hair falls out if you wish.

Will my face be red after the treatment for facial hair?

Side-effects are usually minimal and transient or none at all. If the skin is pink it quickly resolves, while sensitive skin may take a little longer. As with any laser and heat-related treatment, there is a risk of burning and scarring, however, these risks are further reduced due to the unique safety features of the Soprano XL.

Does the Soprano laser treat blonde, fine, and red hair?

NNew technology enables the Soprano to treat and successfully reduce hair types which have previously proved difficult to treat with older lasers.

Fine hair which contains pigment, light brown, and even some blonde or fair hair can be treated. You will be assessed and a patch test may be given to test first.

As with all lasers white hair does not respond well and certain types of red hair can be difficult to treat.  Products like Meladine can help with this and we can discuss this at the consultation.